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Diamond Trust of London — Paper Prototype

Website Usability and Paper Prototyping

Cardboard, Glue, and Masking Tape When I was a kid, some of my favorite toys were the ones I made — often with little more than cardboard, glue, and masking tape. Little did I know I was foreshadowing my involvement in usabililty testing and paper prototyping. Avoid “Code, Test, Fix”, (Time, Money, Frustration) So often, […]

Cerebral lobes of human brain

Building a Collective Brain with a Wiki

For the Want of a Training Manual Sink or swim? Trial by fire? You may have used these expressions to describe seeing a new hire flail about because no one had the time to train him or her properly. Heck, you may have been that new hire on an occasion or two. Oh, but for […]

Clearing up alt text anxiety

Entering some text in the alt attribute (not alt tag, as it is commonly referred to) always made me feel a little better about the site I was building. There would always be, however, that apprehensive feeling of wondering just what I should be entering as alt text. That nagging feeling would intensify as I […]

Using Apple’s VoiceOver: CNN and ESPN quick and dirty accessibility eval

First, some really helpful resources for getting the finer points of Voice Over: ( ( There’s a lot more to VoiceOver than I thought. It seems to be quite controllable, but there are many, many keyboard shortcuts to learn. I downloaded an eval document that helped me narrow down the keystrokes for the following tasks. […]

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Creating my first eBook

A new client asked me to format an eBook for him to market on Amazon and iTunes. I was pretty excited. Having been a book designer for years, I’ve been watching the rise of the eBook (and the decline of the print book) with alternating feelings of fascination, dread, and excitement. I had done a […]

Installing Joomla for my MSM610 Web Applications course

This is now my third installation of Joomla. The first was on my Macintosh and was preceded by an installation of MAMP so that Joomla! could run on my Mac. I used that site to tool around a bit in Joomla! and practice the process before installing on an actual Web server. My second installation […]