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Low-Tech Papa

  Am I a low-tech parent or a high-tech parent? I tend to the low-tech approach, and the following stories show other parents in internet and tech professions who tend in the same direction … strongly. The first story is from NPR: Even Techies Limit Their Children’s Screen Time. Referenced in that story are two […]

“I Share, Therefore I Am”: What is the quality of my connection to others?

The iPhone in my pocket chimes at me. The sound makes me happy as I almost physically feel a squirt of dopamine in my brain. I wonder who made a comment and to what thread. Those push notifications — Facebook this time — give me an immediate feeling of connected goodness. But how connected am […]

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Wikimedia Foundation logo

Collaboration Makes Me Happy

Wikipedia has been a great inspiration to me. It gives me hope that this giant wave of activity that is the Internet will help carry humanity to new and better places. Wikipedia gives me this hope because it is a collaborative effort of regular people, and it is an enormous collaboration. I use Wikipedia all […]

The stack of books generated during my MSIT program at Marlboro College Graduate School

My Revels at Marlboro College Graduate School Now Are Ended

I miss pizza night. Pizza night was every other Friday. Halfway through a three-hour class, we’d break for pizza that was ordered by the school: part of my tuition, as I figured it. What made it so enjoyable wasn’t just the pizza, it was the chance to talk and relax with the instructor and the […]

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Lean back or lean forward

Communal fun and civic value After listening to his TED Talk on Cognitive Surplus, I’m now a fan of Clay Shirky. And despite still not completely understanding how the open-source model of creating technology hasn’t been choked out by the pay-me-for-it model, I’m more hopeful for open source. Not to mention, I’m more hopeful for […]

Enjoying the nonstop diversions

I’ve been enjoying Twitter as a diversion. For this blog post, I thought I would compile a favorites list. It took a lot of effort (in small 140-character chunks) to do this, and a fair bit of wasted time skimming over the noise. I’m not sure I would have ever done it without being required […]

High Tech History

I met Christopher Hartman a couple of years ago at a networking event for Bookbuilders of Boston. He works for Pearson Custom Publishing and he co-maintains a blog called High Tech History, which I discovered after meeting Christopher Hartman and Leigh Montgomery (who works for The Christian Science Monitor and who advises for the blog). […]

Work in the cloud, work under the cloud

I have 13 browser tabs open from last night’s research. It’s 2:30 in the afternoon, and I’ve gotten a cumulative 15 minutes of work — for either freelance (billable) or school (deliverable), or neither — done since 6:00 this morning. I’m kind of stressed. I’ve been busy with, among other things, playing with my 19-month-old […]