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Web Accessibility

Issues of Web accessibility don’t just affect people who have vision challenges. And since time-based content such as video and audio is common on the Web, there are now temporal pitfalls that affect a broader audience including the hearing impaired as well as the vision impaired. Common accessibility challenges include: Motor ability challenges from spinal […]

Sneak peek at Joomla!

I’ve been wondering a lot about the Joomla! back-end interface since starting the MSIT program that I’m in. I especially wonder about it in terms of how I’m used to building a static Web site using Dreamweaver. So, a few days ago, I took the step of signing up for a 30-day trial using Joomla! […]

Lean back or lean forward

Communal fun and civic value After listening to his TED Talk on Cognitive Surplus, I’m now a fan of Clay Shirky. And despite still not completely understanding how the open-source model of creating technology hasn’t been choked out by the pay-me-for-it model, I’m more hopeful for open source. Not to mention, I’m more hopeful for […]