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Cerebral lobes of human brain

Building a Collective Brain with a Wiki

For the Want of a Training Manual Sink or swim? Trial by fire? You may have used these expressions to describe seeing a new hire flail about because no one had the time to train him or her properly. Heck, you may have been that new hire on an occasion or two. Oh, but for […]

The stack of books generated during my MSIT program at Marlboro College Graduate School

My Revels at Marlboro College Graduate School Now Are Ended

I miss pizza night. Pizza night was every other Friday. Halfway through a three-hour class, we’d break for pizza that was ordered by the school: part of my tuition, as I figured it. What made it so enjoyable wasn’t just the pizza, it was the chance to talk and relax with the instructor and the […]

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Installing Joomla for my MSM610 Web Applications course

This is now my third installation of Joomla. The first was on my Macintosh and was preceded by an installation of MAMP so that Joomla! could run on my Mac. I used that site to tool around a bit in Joomla! and practice the process before installing on an actual Web server. My second installation […]

Sneak peek at Joomla!

I’ve been wondering a lot about the Joomla! back-end interface since starting the MSIT program that I’m in. I especially wonder about it in terms of how I’m used to building a static Web site using Dreamweaver. So, a few days ago, I took the step of signing up for a 30-day trial using Joomla! […]

Lean back or lean forward

Communal fun and civic value After listening to his TED Talk on Cognitive Surplus, I’m now a fan of Clay Shirky. And despite still not completely understanding how the open-source model of creating technology hasn’t been choked out by the pay-me-for-it model, I’m more hopeful for open source. Not to mention, I’m more hopeful for […]